Welcome to the Medical Education Trust

The Trust has been set up to promote a better understanding of the nature of man and of the nature of health and to develop a better understanding between the public and the medical profession.

The Aims include:

  • Identification of factors which contribute to the health, defined as wholeness, and well-being of man.
  • Promotion of the knowledge of factors pertaining to the quality of life; the psyche; emotions; behaviour; morale; culture; creativity; nutrition and the environment. Since human beings are not merely biological material, numerous factors affect growth towards maturity.

The Objects of the Trust are:

  1. To disseminate information concerning the nature and function of medical practice and the role of ethical principles as an integral part of the profession of medicine.
  2. To maintain high standards of health care and to foster a trustful relationship between patients and the profession.
  3. To disseminate reports pertaining to health, issued by scientific, medical, Government and scientific organisations, when such reports are not widely known to the public.